About Us

The New York State Economics Association is one of the oldest associations of professional and academic economists in the United States. It was formed in 1948 at Wells College, which was at the time an all-women sister college to Cornell University. Originally the association was called the Central New York Economics Conference. In 1968 it changed its name to New York State Economics Association (NYSEA) and became a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation in 1978.

Since its founding, NYSEA has promoted economic education and scholarship in New York State. The association holds an annual conference and publishes two journals: The Proceedings of the New York State Economics Association, and The New York Economic Review (NYER).

Wade Thomas, a former president of NYSEA, chronicled the history of the association in the 2011 issue of the NYER.

NYSEA Officers and Board Members at the 2023 NYSEA Annual Meeting

From left: Kenneth Liao, Michael McAvoy, Lauren Calimeris Kocman, Babita Srivastava, Kasia Platt, Elena Smirnova, Sean MacDonald, Philip Sirianni, Kpoti Kitissou, Aniruddha Mitra, and Arindam Mandal

Mission Statement

The New York State Economics Association is a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is the advancement of economic knowledge and economics profession.

The Association encourages the freedom of research and discussion. In pursuit of these goals, it holds an annual conference, seminars, and publishes the New York Economic Review.

Elected Officers

Lauren Calimeris Kocman
St. John Fisher University
Vice President
Kpoti Kitissou
SUNY Oneonta
Michael McAvoy
SUNY Oneonta
Philip Sirianni
SUNY Oneonta
Web Master
Kasia Platt
SUNY Old Westbury
Editor, New York Economic Review
Arindam Mandal
Siena College
Editor, Proceedings
Manimoy Paul
Siena College

Board of Directors

  • L. Chukwudi Ikwueze, CUNY Queensborough
  • Kenneth Liao, SUNY Farmingdale
  • Aridam Mandal, Siena College
  • Anniruddha Mitra, Bard College
  • Oluwasheyi Oladipo, SUNY Old Westbury
  • Elena Smirnova, SUNY Old Westbury
  • Clair Smith, St. John Fisher University
  • Babita Srivastava, William Patterson University
  • Della Sue, Marist College